The Sparkbox service has been discontinued


Pley is the leading toy rental service for kids age 4+, offering 450 toys with all the benefits of decluttering and saving on toys. By March, Pley will provide toddler toys.

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Sparkbox members - For questions about your account, see the FAQ.


I just started my Sparkbox account. What will happen to my account?

Your account has been closed and any prepayment has been automatically refunded as of January 11. Please check out to enjoy renting toys again.

I have a Sparkbox gift card. Can I use it for Pley?

All Sparkbox gift cards were automatically refunded to the gifter as of January 11. Toy rental gifts are available for purchase at

I still have a toy from Sparkbox, what should I do with it?

Please return your Sparkbox toy as soon as possible.

How do I transfer my account to Pley?

You can not transfer your Sparkbox account directly to Pley. Your Sparkbox account was closed but you can sign up for Pley to enjoy continuous play for your children. - join Pley here.

Does Pley offer toys for toddlers? already offers Duplo for ages 2-4, and we are working hard to add toys for toddlers to our 450 toy assortment within the next few weeks. We will keep Sparkbox customers posted when these toys become available.

Will I have access to the Sparkbox toys at Pley?

Pley is reviewing the catalog of toys previously offered at Sparkbox and is expecting to carry some of the Sparkbox toys in the future. We will keep Sparkbox customers posted when these toys become available.